About Us

Our Goal is to empower and inspire Student-Athletes to discover, develop and achieve the best of their gifts and talents through sports. Our #1 priority is to promote and help Athletes gain National exposure!

Zach Wilson

Level Up Elites was established to promote and showcase student-athletes skills and talents on a Nation platform. With over 100 Division 1, 2, 3, NAIA and Junior College connections; Our primary focus is to have each student-athlete be recognized for their talents and abilities. 

Puka Nacua

Level Up Elite Showcases were organized to help promote Student-Athletes on a National Platform. We host Level Up Elite Showcases all over the world. Every Showcase is designed and organized in a manner that is appealing to college recruiters and sport analysts. Each Level Up Elite Showcase is filmed. The film is available for each athlete to view and create their own personal highlight from the Showcase. The film is then pushed out to our various media outlet. Our primary focus during the Level Up Elite Camp is the 1 on 1 competitions because every rep is valuable to recruiters.

Brandon Kaho