Collection: Join the Level Up 7 on 7 Club

It's time to Level Up!

The 2024 7v7 season is here! Introducing the 1st Level Up Elites 7 on 7 club team starting in Utah!

January - May 2024 (5 month season).

- Minimum of 6 local tournaments

- 1 out of state tournament

- 2 Football performance sessions per week

- Football Specific Training

- Video guided weekly recap

- Football IQ development

- Mental Strength and Performance training

How it works: Starting January 1st, 2024 the Level Up Elites 7v7 club will kick off our first season! We will be holding 2 football performance sessions a week! Most sessions from January to March will be at indoor facilities. 

The Level Up Draft: With each Football Performance session starting in January to February our Level Up Elites staff will be training, coaching and evaluating each athletes. Near the end of February our Level Elites staff will place each and every athlete on a "Level Up Elites" 7 on 7 team.

Practices/Tournaments: Starting in March we will begin full team practices with your assigned teams. We will host club scrimmages, compete in 6 local tournaments and 1 out of state tournament (with fundraising opportunities to cover all fees). Each Tournament will have an attached fee that is not covered by the club fee. Tournament fees vary from $25-$100 per tournament.

Ages: Training starts for ages 6-18. We develop each kid according to their age and/or skill level. 

Uniform Kits: Uniform kits will be a one time payment of $250.

Uniform kits include 2 sets of uniforms, a Jumpsuit, backpack, gloves, helmet and a towel.

For any questions or concerns please contact Coach Tre at 8019213575