It's time to Level Up!

The 2024 4 on 4 Flag Football season is here! Introducing the 1st Level Up Elites 4v4 league starting in Utah!

September - October 2024.

- Minimum of 6 games

- Playoff games

- 1 Football performance session per week

- Uniform Kit - 2 uniforms, Backpack, T shirt, 2 Towels, Soft Shell helmet and more!

- Free Football Specific Training

- Football IQ development

- Mental Strength and Performance training

How it works: On Sept. 14th 2024 we will be hosting a camp combine with a series of combine drills for all the athletes! All volunteer coaches will be invited to the combine where they will scout and evaluate each athlete in their assigned age division. Following the combine we will host a Level Up Draft!

The Level Up Draft: Following the Level Up Elites Combine our Level Elites staff will place each and every athlete on a "Level Up Elites" 4 on 4 team.

Scheduling: All games will be posted on the zorts app. Games will start on September 21st and run to the middle of october. Games will be held on Saturdays (most teams will have double headers each week).

FREE Skill Training: Starting in September we will host free weekly football skill performance trainings being coached by former college and nfl players. These clinics will be focused on enhancing the athletes basic football skills such as catching, defending, route running, football IQ, etc.

Ages: This league is for ages 4-11. We develop each kid according to their age and/or skill level. 

Uniform Kits: Uniform kits include 2 sets of uniforms, a soft shell helmet, backpack, gloves, helmet and a towel.

Pricing: Fees for this league is $250. That will cover the uniform kit, our referees, field rentals, and admin fees.  

For any questions or concerns please contact Coach Tre at 8019213575